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Did you know that a mature Termite colony can consume as much as 13 ounces of wood a day and can severely damage a structure in as little as three months.

The queen of the colony has a lifespan around 15 years and is capable of producing up to 2,000 eggs per day. The workers and soldiers may live 3–5 years with proportions around 360 workers per 40 soldiers.


Protect your investment.

There is nothing more important than hiring a qualified experienced licensed home inspector to evaluate the home you are about to purchase.


The radium or uranium series.

When it comes to reducing your cancer risk, one important step could be right under your nose, or below your feet.

Getting your home tested for radon can help protect you and your family from a key cause of lung cancer.


This photo shows melted wires in the main electrical box that is not visible without removing the cover.

Most house fires start by faulty electrical systems.

A home inspector with an electrical license, Like Ernie Borsellino from All Pro Home Inspections,  is the most qualified to remove the electrical main breaker panel cover to look for fire hazards.

Does the home you are buying have old Knob & Tube wiring that home owners insurance companies will not insure.


Deck_ leaning_post
deck_ 1

These photos show one of several support post for a very high deck that can cause the deck to collapse at any time.  This is a major safety concern and was not known to the present home owners who thought they were barbecuing on a safe deck.

There are many items in a home that need to be fully evaluated for the safety and health of the occupants.

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