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Kuczynski and Borsellino featured on HGTV in April

“Counting down the real estate mistakes we all make” was a continuing feature on HGTV. On April 18, “Not getting a professional inspection” was identified as #5 on the list.

Two ASHI members, Alex Kuczynski, Professional Inspection Network, Inc., Huntington Beach, Calif., and Ernest Borsellino, All Pro Home Inspections, Maplewood N.J., appeared on the HGTV program on April 21.

The 20-minute program featured Kuczynski doing a home inspection and telling viewers, “I would strongly suggest that the client look up the American Society of Home Inspectors and get a list of qualified home inspectors in their area.”

Borsellino, past Garden State Chapter president, was filmed pointing out old piping in a home. Buyers, real estate agents and the program’s host all testified that failing to get a home inspection can be a costly mistake.

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